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QUICK COMMERCE- An Evolution of E-commerce

In the fast-evolving world, convenience has made an integral space in our lives. When discussing fast evolution and convenience, the new online shopping form“Quick Commerce”, also known as Q-Commerce cannot go unnoticed. 

Quick commerce is a new era of e-commerce with a powerful blend of quick delivery and a wide range of products to make our daily lives easier. With Q- commerce people get their daily necessities within minutes in the comfort of their homes within a few clicks. Blinkit, Swiggy- Instamart, BB Now, and Zepto are some of the most well-known quick commerce platforms. 

Let’s understand how Q-Commerce is benefiting the brands. 

Q-Commerce is benefiting the brands

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:
Quick commerce is built on the idea of immediate customer interaction and satisfaction. By reaching customers with ultra-fast delivery, brands can significantly enhance their customers’ satisfaction which in turn helps them increase their loyal customer base, boosting sales.

Stay Relevant:
In an era where speed and convenience are becoming an integral part of lives, being on quick commerce platforms helps brands stay relevant and ahead of their competitors.

Market Expansion Opportunities:
Q-Commerce is a relatively new concept, growing rapidly day by day. By adopting quick commerce, brands can increase their reach to new markets and demographics. Giving their customers the convenience of instant access to their products at a few clicks makes the brand stand out from their competitors.

Adaptation and Evolve:
It is crucial for the brands to adapt to the changing behavior of the consumers and align their business accordingly. Nowadays consumers prefer on-demand and instant services. Quick commerce helps brands cater to this consumer’s change and evolve for long-term success.

Boost Visibility & Loyalty:
Being on quick commerce marketplaces helps brands to be in the eyes of the consumers, enhancing their brand awareness and reputation. Brands that consistently deliver their products within minutes, throughout the day, contribute to positive brand perception. 

Now that you understand how crucial it is for the brand to be available on quick commerce marketplaces, let’s talk about how we can accelerate our growth on quick commerce.

Online Presence:
Whether it's e-commerce or quick commerce, content, and media play a vital role in the upliftment of the brand. The brand needs to maintain a decent hygiene check for their products’ presence on the online marketplaces. It is important for the brands to provide informative content about the product and make attractive and interactive images for quick commerce platforms to convince consumers to believe in and order their products. 

Good advertising bid at the right time can be a game changer for the brand. A brand must understand its consumer needs and behavior and accordingly place advertising on its products with selective keywords.

Stock Management:
Stock management is a crucial aspect of quick commerce that can make or break a brand’s business on q-commerce marketplaces. If the brand fails to maintain its stock availability, it loses massive consumers. Out-of-stock means giving your competitors a chance to excel and capture your customers. For growth and sales, brands must maintain the data for stocks to ensure their availability at all times.

Understanding consumers and consistent growth on quick commerce platforms can be a big hassle for brands. Maintaining reports and data for better prospects about the business and future actions is as time-consuming as important for growth. 


Professionals at Love In Store understand the aspects of quick commerce and are aligned with the new trends of the q-commerce marketplaces. Our creative team is well-versed in the content and designs required for online marketplaces, with a good understanding of keywords.
We also identify the need of the hour and recognize the importance of the data. Data plays a vital role in the growth and sales of quick commerce. 

Let us introduce you to our in-house data analytical tool “LIS-SPIDER”. 

LIS Spider, also known as crawler helps the brand have a quick overview of their products and their growth with the data scraped from the quick commerce platforms. Crawler, apart from sorting the data, also crawls the discounts and promotions of the required products. LIS Spider enables brands to understand their business on online platforms to make better decisions in the future. 

Our in-house data analytical tool also helps the brands keep track of their stock availability and maintain the inventory. Reports created by the LIS Spider help the brand recognize peak hours sales for their specific products and manage stock accordingly. Once the brand understands its sales through the data, it maintains the stock availability that boosts its sales and growth on the q-commerce platforms. 

Our crawler not only scrapes data for our clientele but also for their competitors to have a better picture of the marketplaces. So, if you are a brand selling or willing to sell your products on quick commerce, reach out to us @ and we will ensure a smooth ride towards success.

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QUICK COMMERCE- An Evolution of E-commerce

QUICK COMMERCE- An Evolution of E-commerce

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